ÝAKIN, is an ethical mission redefining the know-how of design. After intense experimentations, the leading feminine duo, creates an ecological and economically sustainable product chain designed in a smart and flat-packed technique; aiming at improving quality and aesthetic, orienting people to a more sustainable living while striving to make their designs accessible to more people by a REVOLUTIONARY experience.

Our Values


Joining the eco-friendly to the smart, will help accelerate the accomplishment of the brand’s mission in creating a “one of a kind proudly Lebanese brand”; vowing that 5% of its proceeds will be donated to help planting trees in Lebanon and saving the planet.

Ethical Pricing

We price things fairly, so you don’t pay more than needed for good quality, but also to build a business that is able to sustain itself. That’s why we believe in transparency from production, to transport and pricing. We continue the tradition of design for everyone by being fair and up-front with our prices. When we receive your order, we dispatch the product from our warehouse in Beirut and ship it to you directly. That is how we can put more value into the product, sell it to you at a fair price and keep you informed along the way.


All of our products are FSC© certified. FSC © certified forests are given time to naturally regenerate themselves. All the paint and lacquer we use are eco-labelled and eco-certified. Our commitment to contributing in saving the planet is a duty we hold onto.

Flat Packing

All our products consist of a few elements that are easy to assemble. An assembly guide via a QR code comes within the package. Our approach is based on being sustainable. Due to the flat-pack technique, we are able to ship 5 chairs in the volume of 1. Thus, less CO2 emissions during shipping. Our central production helps us reduce transportation during the production process (from wood-working to painting to packing to photoshoots).

Our Designs Principles


We are dedicated to offering authenticity and provenance through holding onto artisanship and developing it to meet the high-speed markets. However, human touch is what gives soul to the pieces we create. Craftsmanship requires production with care, professional competency, and respect for the material.


Design places an important role in people’s everyday lives, whether or not you are aware of it; thus, it needs to acquire a new life in our society for it to evolve. Our initiative to an ecological, economically sustainable, day-to-day design products (furniture, Urban, house-hold products, lighting, etc.) designed with a smarter and flat-packed technique; Aiming at improving quality and aesthetic, while striving to make the products accessible to the greatest number of people. However, craft, quality and aesthetic can be hard to recognize in this context. Yet, we are committed that these concepts are central to the development of a strong heritage.

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